Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is a "lifetime e-mail forwarding service" or "lifetime e-mail address"?
2. Is this an e-mail account?
3. Why should I get a lifetime address?
4. Who can get a lifetime address?
5. How do I choose my lifetime e-mail address?
6. How do I choose my password?
7. What if I forget my password?
8. If I changed jobs/locations/internet service providers, how do I update my account so that my mail gets forwarded properly?
9. How do I make my e-mail Reply-To address show my address?
10. You say it's a "lifetime e-mail address". How do I know that this address will work 10 years from now?
11. I don't know my alumni #, how do I get it?
12. Why do I need my alumni # to register?
13. I've signed up for a forwarding address, but I've changed my mind and would like a different forwarding address. Is this possible?